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Mintydelights com Reviews {May 2021} Is It A Legit Site?

Mintydelights com Reviews {May 2021} Is It A Legit Site

Mintydelights com Reviews {May 2021} Is It A Legit Site? >> This portal sells a wide range of products. We will recommend you to go through the blog to check the authenticity of the site.

You might be loving your favourite goods on Mintydelights com and that too on attractive prices. But at the same time, you are worried about spending your money on it.

This shopping portal might not be trending in the United Kingdom, but it has been able to make its presence in the shopping community. We know you are looking for trusted Mintydelights com Reviews. Here is the one, that we have got for you.

What is Mintydelights com ?

Mintydelights com is a newly created online e-commerce portal. It is a retail seller having a range of products. In fact, the website has some products for each section of society. It sells goods of beauty, kitchen, home-use, pets, child care, and whatnot. But after a single glance, one can easily say that the website inclines female customers.

We know you want to know more about this shopping website. Let us assure you of a comprehensive answer to all your doubts in this Mintydelights com Reviews.

Specification of Mintydelights com

The website looks like an exact copy of a shopping portal that is created every minute nowadays. The specifications are-

  • Portal Type- A portal selling products of the kitchen, home-use, hygiene, daily need, beauty, pets, and many more.
  • Address of Website- not given on the portal.
  • Website Link-
  • Portal Email Address
  • Contact Detail of Website- no such detail availablepkjhgfjhgfdsqwdfghjx8
  • Product Price– given in dollar denomination
  • Shipping- applied on every product
  • Cash on Delivery– not such features
  • Exchange Policy- while researching for Mintydelights com Reviews, we found the absence of such policies
  • Return Policy for Ordered Goods- available within 30 days of order placement
  • Payment all the trusted payment options are available
  • Customer Review- we found no such section given on the website
  • User-friendly– provides an easy sign-up and sign-in option.


To our despair, we didn’t find many advantages from buying this website except for a few. These are-

  • All over the world delivery
  • Premium delivery option available
  • Huge range of products for each section
  • Guaranteed discount on every product.

We guess you must have many unanswered questions popping out in your mind. Through this Mintydelights com Reviews, we would be answering all those.


On Mintydelights com, cons outnumber the pros. Let us take you through some of those.

  • Firstly, very long delivery time. Even domestic shipments take anywhere between ten to fifteen days.
  • Secondly, separate shipping charges for the same product. That is insured shipping and priority shipping.
  • Thirdly, its legitimacy as the address has not been given on the website
  • Fourthly, clothes are mainly non-branded.
  • And lastly, the website has some serious legitimacy issues.

We hope till now we must have solved many of your queries through this blog. But there is more on this blog. So, stay tuned.

Is Mintydelights com legit?

But the most important question remains unanswered. We would be answering in this Mintydelights com Reviews. It is about legitimacy and other apprehensions such as, Is it a scam? Let us answer all those.

  • Absence of Physical Address-The portal has no physical address available.
  • Website’s Domain Age– created on 3 May 2001.
  • Website’s Trust Score – 1 percent, which means it is in the “Very Bad Trust Score” category.
  • Website’s Data Security– This shopping portal is SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). Therefore, your data is protected here.
  • Social Media Attachments– to our surprise, we didn’t find such attachments. This makes this portal more dubious.

As discussed here, it is a very new portal with a very bad trust score. The website even has no physical address available. So, it can be anything but legit at this moment.

Mintydelights com Reviews

The website has not given any customer review section. Also, it has not any social media links. Due to these things, customer reviews almost nill and very hard to find.

We hope, we have cleared most of your doubts in this blog. But don’t sign off before reading our final verdict.

Final Verdict

We as an expert will recommend avoiding such websites. Being aware buyers, we should look for other trusted alternatives. Still, if you want to engage with this portal, we recommend it for only very experienced users. We have given you the tools to analyse but the final decision should be yours.

Please write your opinion regarding the blog Mintydelights com Reviews. We love to read your comments.

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