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DISCOVER The Bluffers Songbook!!!

And NOWThe Miffy Songbook!

16 thoughts on “☟ The DEITCH DUNGEON ☟

  1. Hi Mr. Deitch:
    recently came across some production cels from your Tom and Jerry years. I was hoping to find more, but there are not many around. Would you be able to direct me to anyone who may have some available? Love the art

  2. Gene!! Delighted to find that you are still on this side of the sod. And that ‘For the Love of Prague’ Is still in print in the shiny new edition! I’m gonna email you. Looking forward to exploring this website—Susan Kline (“OffBeat Bill”s daughter) Yes, my dad is still around, healthy & happy.

    • Yes, Heidi, I’m still attempting to deny reality, maintaining and expanding this and my awn.com/genedeitch and genedeitchcredits.com sites, as well as my Facebook page! I send greetings to your Dad!

    • Heidi, guess what? I’m still here at 91, and a brand new 6th edition of For The Love of Prague as just come from the printers and will soon be on Amazon! I has a new cover and lots of added stuff inside, both new photos and new text. Best wishes. Gene

  3. Gene, I think that you did a great job with the Tom and Jerry Cartoons. I have to say that it’s different and episodes still occasionally air on Bommerang. Now I also remember the Popeye series you did. One of my favorites is when Popeye And Bluto compete as clock repairmen. Then there was the time Popeye became a bullfighter. During the fight, there was a song heard in the background, and I would like to know the name of the song. The same song is heard in Robert Swarthe’s student animated film “Kick Me” during the scene when the film melts and a One Moment please sign is places onto the screen.

  4. Gene,
    Wow! I haven’t seen Pump Trouble in, what is it, 65 years? We all worked on it. It’s
    the ’50s design and limited animation, but so far ahead of stuff we see today. I remember,
    also, the Citizen Kane influence in the boyhood winter memory scenes. Whenever I see the UPA stuff from that period I am overwhelmed by nostalgia. It’s painful. Well, there’s no going back, but thanks for putting the films on the web for all to enjoy.

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