8 thoughts on “Drums Over Norway

  1. Gene Deitch is so amazing!!! …..He’s like a rose that keeps unfolding….revealing new beauty and fascination!!! It was so much fun to be part of his adventures, when I lived and taught in Prague as an art and music teacher from 1987-1994. I helped provide talented young students for his audio productions of MINDY! (Was that the name, Gene? Your memory is so “spot on”…..mine is a little rumpled!!!) What a treat for those kids to get to work with a living legend! However, I watch all of the productions he is still MAKING….because it’s so wonderful to see his continued “unfolding”….. THANKS, GENE, for wonderful memories! Please, keep on drumming! Linda (Peterson) Dorsey

    • Ethel Frey May 11,2012
      You and the poets! Longfellow especially comes to mind. All those illustrated children’s books you made into films were reavealing of your skills — ” Rosy’s Walk” and the one about the boy and the bakery. My oldest, due to turn 58 next January ,grew up watching “Tom Terrific” Also my husband and I worked in Prague for 12 years, know Linda. Thanks so much for all the joy and rhythm you have given the world I know. Ethel Frey

      • Thank you, Ethel. There aren’t many Tom Terrific fans left! I’m grateful for all of them! Did you know that my web technician on “Roll The Credits!” is none other than your former star student, Zachary “Hary” Jordanov>

      • Hi, Gene (and Ethel and Hary!) ….. We can just have little PRAGUE reunions on “Roll the Credits!”….giving credit where credit is DUE! 😉 I vote for a mutual admiration society!!! Thanks for all this fun…. Linda

  2. Very, very funny to see this material, Gene; I must confess I had completely forgotten that we did it – I’m writing you now from Vilnius, Lithuania where in about ten days, after a quick trip to St.Petersburg we will start the shooting of a feature about the Lithuanian composer/painter Konstantin Ciurlionis, a contemporary of Grieg/Munch, who unfortunately died very young – at 35 – in 1908. We will also do two days shooting in St.Petersburg. In 8/8 you will be 88 . . . 18 years since you visited us at Hvaler, our island! Time for a reprise? Hugs to both of you! Odd Geir

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