The Bluffers Songbook!


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01 The Bluffers Song
This was the title theme, difficult to write, because the name “Bluffer,” had no connection with the characters or the story. So all I could do was play with the words, and hope no one would notice the meaningless!

02 I’ve Got It All!
The proclamation of greed, by the insanely rich Count Clandestino. 

03 A Whole Lot Of Me Is You
Zip’s song of friendship.

04 Memories Fresh
Zok reminisces over his life.

05 Licky-Sticky-Spoon
Honeyboy the honey-mad bear. 

06 Over Bluffoonia In My Baloonia
Regal Eagle. 

07 Colors
An early attempt to say something about racism.

08 You Gotta Be Fast On Your Feet
Zip’s song. 

09 I’m In a Satellite State
The double-meaning of this title will be lost on young people today!

10 Gin-Seng Sing-Song
The health-food fixated goose.

11 Tic-tock Time
Zok puzzles over what is Time.

12 I Can’t Complain (I Get Kicked In the Rear if I Do)
An ironic cry of canine pain. 

13 Fear
A frightful song…

14 Lie, Cheat and Steal!
A foxy take on the meaning of life.

15 Communication
(Please Keep In Touch With Me!)

16 Let Me Play It Again (A Bit More Slowly This Time)
Zok’s plea to be young again, using the imagery of an obsolete tape recorder’s rewind function. 

17 Truth! Truth!
Zok is convinced that he knows it.

18 Cabala-bala
Psycho the snake’s  mumbo-jumbo.

19 Evolution Convolution
Sung & danced by the conjoined twin rabbits, named “Song&Dance.”

20 Down With Gravity!
Song&Dance defy gravity!

Now follow some poignant love songs by the sexy mouse named “Blossom.”

21 Blossoming
A gentle suggestion of puberty

22 A Wonder of Biology
Those sexual urges…..

23 Lots and Lots Like You and Me
Let’s make babies! 

24 I’m Big Enough for Love
For a mouse, that is.

25 Never Trust a Cat
Certainly not, if you’re a mouse!

26 Even a Mouse Can Roar
The Mouse Anthem.

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