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DISCOVER The Bluffers Songbook!!!

And NOWThe Miffy Songbook!

11 thoughts on “☟ The DEITCH DUNGEON ☟

  1. Gene, I think that you did a great job with the Tom and Jerry Cartoons. I have to say that it’s different and episodes still occasionally air on Bommerang. Now I also remember the Popeye series you did. One of my favorites is when Popeye And Bluto compete as clock repairmen. Then there was the time Popeye became a bullfighter. During the fight, there was a song heard in the background, and I would like to know the name of the song. The same song is heard in Robert Swarthe’s student animated film “Kick Me” during the scene when the film melts and a One Moment please sign is places onto the screen.

  2. Gene,
    Wow! I haven’t seen Pump Trouble in, what is it, 65 years? We all worked on it. It’s
    the ’50s design and limited animation, but so far ahead of stuff we see today. I remember,
    also, the Citizen Kane influence in the boyhood winter memory scenes. Whenever I see the UPA stuff from that period I am overwhelmed by nostalgia. It’s painful. Well, there’s no going back, but thanks for putting the films on the web for all to enjoy.

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